Lampa.AI is a platform for soft skills development through work-related excersises.
Are direct managers being objective?
Do people feel safe to perform?
Do you account for their personality?
Is everyone being visible?
Do people have opportunities to develop their skills?
and here's why
and here's why
81% of HRs rely on managers' feedback
and they tend to remember people who make themselves known.
You promote those who are visible,
but people have different personalities.
Some might not be expressive and sociable,
but that doesn't make them less great specialists.
Give employees a place
to express their strengths
while developing their skills.
Yes, it's possible! Here's how ...
Weekly practices
that develop soft skills
Receive practices right in Slack. No need to install extra apps or create accounts.
No extra time
Our exercises train team's soft skills and teach managers to be mentors.
Training both ways
On-job microlearning approach adapted by Lampa.AI's R&D team of PhD Psychologists.
2 out of 4 practices each month encourage speaking to a colleague or discuss with a team.
Engaging peers
Client: - Californian startup, voice order automation with AI
Goal: Develop creativity in operations team
Result: Team is equipped with tools to approach routine tasks creatively; three team member promoted to Leads.
NPS: 8.2/10
Talk to kea's HR
Client: ToBe Company - IT recruitment agency
Goal: Help HR Consultants master communication
Result: Team learned communications techniques and started to actively manage client relationships
NPS: 7.9/10
Talk to ToBe's CEO
How it works?
there are two words you need to know
This refers to an employee development process that does not require extra amounts of time.
In Lampa, everything happens in messenger, and practices can be done without interrupting work.
Under this concept the content is broken down into bite-sized pieces.
In Lampa's case they are easy-to-follow practices that provoke small changes in employee behavior.
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